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Common Factors: Golf Clinic

Come join us in partnership with CSL Behring at the The Loma Club in Point Loma. Attendees will get golf instruction, equipment, a chance to play a few holes. Lunch will follow along with a presentation from Pete D., Patient Advocate, CSL Behring. 

DATE | TIME (Fecha | Hora)

Saturday, August 20, 2022 | 10:00AM – 2:00PM
Location: The Loma Club

The Loma Club
2960 Truxton Rd.
San Diego, CA 92106

Please note: All necessary equipment will be provided at the course. Make sure to wear appropriate, closed-toe shoes for the golf course. 

PROGRAM LANGUAGE (Idioma del programa)

Presented in English | Presentado en ingles

TOPIC (Tema)

Tackling Transitions and Embracing Change”
From athlete to announcer, son to father, and player to coach, Pete has gone through many stages of life and has had to adapt how he manages his bleeding disorder, his lifestyle, and his routines. Pete believes the physical challenges are easier to overcome than the mental ones, so he works to keep his thoughts in balance. Pete discusses how to cope with change through finding small victories and learning to embrace the success of making it through past transitions.

SPEAKER (Presentador)

Pete D.
Gettin’ in the Game Athlete & Patient Advocate, CSL Behring

“All my life I’ve been presented with metaphorical walls to scale and roadblocks to navigate around because I have hemophilia B. But whenever someone told me I couldn’t do something, it motivated me to get to where I wanted to go, despite hemophilia. I am a husband, a father, an athlete, and a teacher. My love for sports led me to become a high school basketball and baseball coach. I am also currently a certified basketball official and I ref games just about every weekend. Getting to this point has never been smooth or easy, but those challenges made me stronger and who I am. And I have been able to accomplish my dreams of being a part of the sports I have loved and played since I was a child. For me, the physical part of life with hemophilia is never as difficult as the mental side of it, but by following your treatment regimen, maintaining a positive mindset, and finding support during the difficult moments, you can live a life you love.” – Pete D.

AGENDA (Agenda)

10:00AM Check-in & Program Begins
12:00PM Lunch & Presentation
2:00 PM Program Concludes

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