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Wellness Wednesdays: Yoga in the Park


Join us virtually for our Wellness Wednesdays: Summer Series. Our Wellness Wednesdays series will bring you interactive conversations and movement opportunities as we provide you with wellness resources. Our Wellness Wednesdays: Summer Series is open to individuals with a bleeding disorder and their immediate family members living in HASDC’s service area. 

Yoga mat will be provided to each attendee. 

DATE | TIME| LOCATION (Fecha | Hora | Lugar)

Please note this event is on a Saturday
Saturday, July 17, 2021 | 9:00AM – 10:00AM | Presidio Park

PROGRAM LANGUAGE (Idioma del programa)

Presented in English | Presentado en Inglés


Yoga in the Park
Soul Vibes Yoga owner, Nichole, will be guiding us in a restorative yoga class. Restorative Yoga is a nourishing and restful yoga practice to activate our parasympathetic nervous system. This puts our bodies in a state to heal and release those stress hormones that are constantly flooding our bodies to come into a place of balance. It also boosts our immune system, especially in times of great stress.  In Restorative Yoga, there are less poses that are held for longer periods of time to really allow the body to open, release, and feel supported.

Disclaimer: Contact your doctor or physical therapist before starting any physical activity or exercise program for recommendations that are specific to your current level of health. Do not practice yoga if a joint or muscle has had a recent bleed, is swollen, warm, or painful.

SPEAKER (Presentador)

Nichole Wilkinson
Soul Vibes Yoga

Nichole Wilkinson has practiced yoga for over 15-years and is a certified Yoga Teacher, through the Yoga and Ayurveda Center.  She emphasizes awareness and mindfulness in all of her classes. She is a native San Diegan and also works as an adventure guide and outdoor educator. 

AGENDA (Agenda)

8:50 AM Arrive at park and check-in
9:00 AM Yoga Session Begins (no late arrivals)
9:50 AM Debrief
10:00 AM Yoga Session Concludes

REGISTRATION (Inscripción)


**Bleeding disorder participants and their immediate family, living in our service area, who register and attend the full 1-hour program are eligible for a the yoga mat and towel. Additionally, to qualify for our program giveaway, we ask that you be arrive on time, no later than 9:00AM. One yoga mat and towel per participant.

Our service area is San Diego and Imperial Counties. If there is availability, those living outside our service area may qualify; distributed in order based on registration date/time. 

SPONSOR (Patrocinador)

Thank you to our program sponsor for making this Wellness Wednesdays program possible.