Emergency Assistance Program :


HASDC provides emergency assistance to individuals or families who are affected by hemophilia or other bleeding disorders. These funds are to be used for immediate and severe medical needs that impact one’s health, safety or well-being that are directly related to their disorder and not covered by insurance. Any individual requesting assistance must complete an Emergency Assistance Application describing the nature of the emergency, the amount requested, financial declaration and compelling evidence that the need is indeed emergent. Submitting a request does not guarantee funding.

To qualify for assistance, applicants must meet the following criteria:

All emergency requests must meet one or more of the following criteria:

Funds are only disbursed to third parties and are not given directly to the individual requesting funds. Each request will be carefully reviewed and be approved or denied based on need and available funding. Individuals are limited to receiving a maximum allocation of $250 in assistance, once within a 12-month period. If financial assistance is not approved, HASDC will consider an alternative assistance.

Example of items we do NOT fund:

If you are in need of assistance for the items listed above or your request was denied, please contact 211 San Diego.

Emergency Assistance Program Application